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Ensure Data Solutions through its’ Ensure platform offers a data analytics software that is intuitive and flexible, enabling organizations to manage a wide range of clinical and business disciplines from one central platform.


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Ensure was developed from a Medicare Advantage risk perspective. While most practice management systems were designed from a traditional fee for services needs. Ensure was developed for the Managed Care model.

Membership Reports

Membership information at a glance; disenrolled and reenrolled totals and percentage of practices. As well as detailed membership reports.


This module follows patient’s prescriptions and over the counter medication utilization including all the prescription costs information, dispensing pharmacy brand vs generic, and prescribing physician information.


With updated data manage hospitalizations including post discharge visits, current admissions, previous hospitalizations, attending physicians and admissions diagnosis information.


View of the practice’s financial information performance. MLR and MRA trends giving you the ability to identify and manage each patient and determine high costs.


Helps you manage the HEDIS process, identity physicians star ratings with a report that would show you eligible, closed and existing gaps.


An interactive module that shows records of outpatient and inpatients claims, as well as each patient information and reports for detail view of medical claims.


Organized by specialist gives an overview of the top 5 referrals, their cost per care event, per member per month and individual information that can be organized by date and insurance.

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Our commitment to our customers is to provide an application that delivers a set of information and indicators right to your dashboard; releasing your full potential as a healthcare professional. This will result in making the proper decisions on a fast pace and limiting the research time to pull the reports.

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