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Value-based Care





Physician groups across the country are moving towards value-based care and risk contracts, this model encourages documentation, accurate coding, closing care gaps and values the importance of exchanging data between healthcare partners. Ensure Data Solutions allows physicians to transition from fee for service to value-based care seamlessly by providing a platform that provides interoperability, case management, clinical guidance and optimizes essential tasks to highly perform in the risk-based contract space.

How Ensure can help:


  • Reduce the time spent on chart reviews, retrieving documentation and records from third parties.
  • Visibility of previously reported diagnosis and conditions to improve care quality and outcomes.
  • Access clinical data to improve patients’ health.
  • HEDIS model that enables physicians to work ahead of time.
  • Comparison of PCP’s in a given county permits physicians to identify trends and facilitate projections.
  • Alerts for admissions, discharges, and transfers to ensure continuity of care, along with risk stratification to reduce readmission risks.
  • Stop loss analyzer to determine what attachment point/pricing would be more favorable for the next coverage period.

Why Ensure Data Solutions


Help clients monitor, predict and close care gaps, improve their CAHPS/HOS survey outcomes, and manage patient safety measures promptly with real time data.


Real-time admission/discharge/transfer alerts. Admission risk stratification powered by Artificial Intelligence. Complete report to analyze financial impact and trends.


Provide EHR integrations and FHIR interoperability to assertively collaborate on care gaps and other critical clinical information with other providers. Develop and deploy care treatments that enable the highest quality of care and improve  outcomes.


Enable stop-loss analytics and stop-loss coverage decision-making.  Payer clients can develop their stop-loss pricing.  Provider clients can determine their optimal attachment point/threshold decisions.  Create alerts for provider clients of patients above or near attachment points that are switching carriers.


Enable clients to analyze patients’ reported clinical conditions and Dx codes. Create visibility into EHRs and CMS records to improve accurate and complete reporting, detect the need for better supporting documentation or to alert a provider when an action is needed.