About Us

Founded in 2019 as a spin-off of a larger transaction, EDS is a value-based care management solutions company that empowers providers, payers and providers to produce better health outcomes by delivering real-time data aggregation, EHR connectivity, A.I. supported data analytics, as well as dynamic dashboards and reporting.


The healthcare data must be comprehensible and easy to understand for professionals to concentrate their efforts in what they do best; such as taking care of patients, or other administrative duties. Ensure Data Solutions offers a set of tools created to provide this easy interaction between the professionals and the data that will make the performance and quality of service better. 

We take pride in keeping our costs low by offering affordable solutions that will increase your revenue, quality delivery, ultimately improving your organization’s bottom line.


Our commitment to our customers is to provide an application that delivers a set of information and indicators right to your dashboard; releasing your full potential as a healthcare professional. This will result in making the proper decisions at a fast pace and limiting the research time to pull the reports.

Our Culture & Diversity

We believe in inclusion, at EDS success is designed by a diverse workforce of individuals with different ideas, abilities, interests, and ethnicities.

Gender Balance

50% Women /50% Men

Bachelor’s Degrees

90% of workforce

Master’s Degree or Higher



Hispanic 60%

White 30%

Asian 10%