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To achieve great clinical and financial outcomes by leveraging ENSUREEidikós, a full suite of health care data insights that has enabled many risk-bearing entities to be successful.

ENSUREEidikós’ actionable insights allow for your organization to make better informed decisions improving health outcomes and quality care, operational efficiencies, and reducing costs

How Ensure can help:

  • Cutting-edge network to improve outcomes and care costs.
  • Monitor medication adherence real-time to comply with HEDIS measures.
  • HEDIS predictive model that allows organizations to close care gaps and improve quality scores.
  • AI powered inpatient admission and re-admission risk stratification.
  • Risk Adjustment model computations to assess exposure with risk corridors reconciliations.
  • Ability to create actions/tasks based on algorithms and analytics for clinicians to take actions.
  • Financial performance analysis against peers in the same geographic area (market-user defined),
    to better understand shared savings.
  • Control patient visits outside narrow networks by identifying referral patterns.

Why Ensure Data Solutions


Our ENSUREQUAL and ENSURESTARS modules help predict and close
care gaps, improve CAHPS/HOS survey outcomes, and manage patient safety measures promptly with real time data.


Enable stop-loss analytics and stop-loss coverage decision-making. Payer clients can develop their stop-loss pricing. Provider clients can determine their optimal attachment point/threshold decisions. Create alerts for patients of provider clients above or near attachment point that are switching payers if the stop-loss coverage is being provided through a


Our ENSURECM module will help you manage workflows, alerts, and tasks
throughout your organization. Powered by data algorithms, analytics, and AI models


Our ENSUREXCEL module will help compile the necessary data to identify capitation network leakages. Visualize and compare peer specialists cost efficiency performance and establish referral patterns of care that will drive better health and financial outcomes. You can also evaluate referrals issued by network providers.


ENSUREFIN will help you turn data into actionable insights and generate tangible results. Ability to identify high costs, elevated trends and areas of opportunity. Financial trends and projections.


ENSURECRM helps you manage your lead generation activities and sales team
performance so you can effortlessly and real time monitor your practice growth and increase your valuation.



ENSUREOTG. Disconnect but never be out of touch. Wherever you might be, our On-The-Go mobile app will help you stay connected to what is going on with your patients and members by having 24/7/365 access to key information and trends.