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Accountable Care

Organizations (ACO)




Undertake accountability for improving the quality and cost of care of Medicare fee for service patients. Administered by CMS, ACOs in return receive part of any savings generated from their care coordination as long as quality was also maintained. The program provides its challenges, managing patient population is key. Ensure Data Solutions enables healthcare organizations, to consume structured and unstructured data from various data sources, including healthcare providers’ EHR platforms so these organizations can meet their quality stands and improve the cost of health.

How Ensure can help:


  • Monitoring and predicting care gaps to improve quality scores.
  • EHR bi-directional interoperability to coordinate care and improve exchange of clinical information with providers.
  • Admissions, discharge and transfer alerts to reduce readmissions.
  • High performance network analysis for better control of referrals.
  • Key financial reports that turn data into actionable insights and generate tangible results.

Why Ensure Data Solutions


Help clients monitor, predict and close care gaps, improve their CAHPS/HOS survey outcomes, and manage patient safety measures promptly with real time data.


Real-time admission/discharge/transfer alerts. Admission risk stratification powered by Artificial Intelligence. Complete report to analyze financial impact and trends


Provide EHR integrations and FHIR interoperability to assertively collaborate on care gaps and other critical clinical information with other providers. Develop and deploy care treatments that enable highest quality of care and improve outcomes.


Visualize and compare specialists’ costs efficiency performance.


Key reports that turn data into actionable insights and generate tangible results. Ability to identify high costs, elevated trends and areas of opportunity. Financial trends and projections.