EMR Connectivity –

Stay Connected

One of the most challenging aspects of managing practice patients or health plan members is to stay connected to their medical information wherever patients might be receiving care.

ENSUREXCHANGE solves that challenge by keeping clinicians connected to their patient’s medical records, wherever the care is provided. In addition, ENSUREXCHANGE connects with HL7 FHIR standards-compliant EMR platforms to deliver such solution.

How Ensure can help:

  • Improve medical charts retrieval effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Don’t get surprised with a RADV audit finding. Early identification of missing or inadequate supporting documentation for a given clinical condition via EMR connectivity.
  • Bidirectional EHR data exchange with providers to improve clinical communication effectiveness, medical records requests distractions and patient’s health outcomes.
  • Point to point EHR connection* alerts physicians of care gaps at the point of care.
  • Generate cost savings by partnering with Ensure Data Solutions by subscribing to ENSUREXCHANGE.

Why Ensure Data Solutions


Provide EHR integrations and FHIR interoperability to assertively collaborate on care gaps and other critical clinical information matters with clinicians outside your organization. Develop and deploy care treatments that enable the highest quality of care and improve outcomes.


Enable risk-bearing entities to analyze patients reported clinical conditions and Diagnosis codes. Create visibility into EHRs and Health Plans’ records to improve accurate and complete reporting, detect the need for better supporting documentation or to alert a provider when an action is needed.


Cut down on resources costs by leveraging the effectiveness and efficiency of FHIR interoperability


Real-time admission/discharge/transfer alerts. Accelerate speed of clinical
information delivery to clinicians. Improved timeliness of admission risk stratification powered by Artificial Intelligence by relying on EMR information versus claims data