Management Service





MSO’s have to accomplish quality of care, cost containment and financial management of at-risk arrangements for their affiliated Primary Care physicians. Ensure Data Solutions helps MSOs to deliver agreements with exclusive provider benefits through data-driven knowledge and evaluation, by integrating analytics that addresses significant costs, utilization, financial, and quality areas that impact contract terms and performance. Organizations can drive smarter healthcare decision-making and a healthy financial picture while delivering high-quality care to patients. With EDS, communicating with participating physicians becomes easy, via EHR interoperability, MSO’s can deliver outstanding health outcomes that prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits, as well as minimizing readmissions. At the same time, providers can directly access an advanced analytics tool to have full control of their patient’s’ care plans, utilization and finances.

How Ensure can help:

  • Ability to pass actions/tasks/data points based on platform analytics to EHR platforms.
  • Create actions/tasks based on algorithms and analytics for clinicians to take action.
  • Cost and utilization analysis for full control.
  • Powerful analytic tool to allow providers to see their trends and projections.
  • Ability to evaluate physician performance and peer to peer comparison.
  • HEDIS predictive model allows organizations to work ahead of insurance reports.
  • The Service Assessment module gathers patient experience information and provides insights into existing processes.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities.

Why Ensure Data Solutions


Help clients monitor, predict and close care gaps, improve their CAHPS/HOS survey outcomes, and manage patient safety measures promptly with real time data.


Real-time admission/discharge/transfer alerts. Admission risk stratification powered by Artificial Intelligence. Complete reports to analyze financial impact and trends.


Provide EHR integrations and FHIR interoperability to assertively collaborate on care gaps and other critical clinical information with other providers. Develop and deploy care treatments that enable the highest quality of care and improve outcomes.






Key reports that turn data into actionable insights and generate tangible results. Ability to identify high costs, elevated trends and areas of opportunity. Financial trends and projections.