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24 Hours!

Ensure was developed from a Medicare Advantage risk perspective. While most practice management systems were designed from a traditional fee for services needs. Ensure was developed for the Managed Care model.

Ensure platform offers a data analytics software that is intuitive and flexible, enabling organizations to manage a wide range of clinical and business discipline from one central platform.

Financial Management

Ensure delivers the analytics and reporting capabilities needed to reach your financial goals. Through the claim and revenue modules all expenses and capital information displays prearranged to make your practice manageable with just one click.

Top-notch Customer Service

The Ensure team takes pride of the relationship with their clients. Going above and beyond to exceed expectations. Improving daily to fulfill every need, our clients always have their questions answered by our dedicated team of experts.

Competitive Rates

Ensure is design to make life easier, identifying areas of opportunity to help growth. We work with you proactively to customize our rates for your needs.

Data Protection and Security

Securing our clients information is our highest priority. Ensure is fully compliance with electronic HIPAA and EPHA standards. The encryption hardware and software implemented are under strong security protocols to protect all the data.

Training and Support

We provide the necessary training to every client. We want our users to manage their practice independent and help them grow as they utilize Ensure to its full capacity.

Clinical Intelligence

Ensure is a cloud-based platform that collects data from health plans and streamlines it into one all-inclusive interactive system. Claim data is explained into a user-friendly way that permits its users to drive performances.

Practical Data

Focusing on the users Ensure’s platform is dynamic and manageable. With reports that can be pull in seconds, filter by location, patient, provider, insurance and date. Utilizing customizable color graphics and charts for the best user experience.

Data Analytics

Knowledgeable team of experts inspect, transform and model the data to discover the most relevant patient information, allowing users to see what they need on a timely manner.

Accurate and Efficient Data Collection

Ensure’s dedicated team of data analysist and programmers have integrated Ensure with the leading healthcare plans and electronic health records. Updating the information daily for precise results and real time data.