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The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of health care. One of NCQA’s roles is to administer voluntary accreditation programs for physicians, health plans, physician groups, and providers.

In the case of Ensure Data Solutions, a healthcare software, NCQA’s measurement certification process evaluates the logic of the software that provides measurement results. This includes measures related to the Health Care Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®). In some cases, it includes logic that returns results to the “Align. Measure. Perform.” (AMP) Value-based pay-for-performance set of measures.


The certification obtained by Ensure Data Solutions is a certification that measures the HEDIS® Allowable Adjustment Rules (AA) so that the different levels of the health system can use the HEDIS® measures. This allows organizations like, Ensure Data Solutions, which do not report health plan data to NCQA (but want to calculate the gaps in population health and care) to certify the calculations of HEDIS® measures within their own measurement logic.

Be certified by NCQA is important when considering a product or service, as NCQA regulates that the vendors’ measurement logic works the way it’s supposed to, so the industry can trust the performance measures calculated by vendors. providers.

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Ensure Data Solucion located in Miami Florida

Ensure Data Solutions is proud to be certified, and that when it comes to HEDIS® we follow NCQA guidelines.

The health care industry is reevaluating how to improve health equity across all populations. Committing to eliminate health disparities in underserved populations not only results in better health outcomes, but also reduces overall treatment costs.

Federal and state agencies are looking for health organizations that establish guidelines to identify and close gaps in unequal treatment. The emphasis on health equity has become a priority in business: employers increasingly choose to contract only with accredited organizations that deliver high-quality, equitable health care to their patients.

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