Population health management is the collection of patient data across various health information technology resources, and the interpretation of that data into an actionable patient record. Population health management seeks to improve the care and health results of a group by closely examining individual patients within that group, while at the same time reducing the costs of treating that group.

Like many advances in healthcare, population health management can be a win for providers and patients. The best population health management tools combine clinical, financial and operative data from across the organization and produce actionable healthcare analytics for caregivers to improve productivity and patient care. Proper population health management requires sound care administration, a strong understanding of risk management, and a software like; Ensure Data Solutions.

Ensure Data Solutions is a population health management platform that use a business intelligence (BI) tool to collect data and provide a long-view record of each patient. In most cases, information is updated daily, and integrates patient data from billing, electronic health record systems, claims, pharmacies and even lab results.

A fully integrated business intelligence tool with a population management system can close gaps in care by enabling healthcare providers to have up to date information to manage patient needs. Referrals, billing, EHR and prescription information is all combined and providers can easily identify gaps in care.

A Population health management program is essential to improving outcomes and cost savings, particularly in populations with chronic disease such as diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Population health management tools can help improve care for patients with chronic and expensive conditions by offering resolutions that document and keep close track of their care.

Care management is an essential part of population health management, and while the goals of care management may differ between various groups, they tend to all have the same end goal of improving patient health, better medication administration, and reducing the overall cost of care provided.

The strategy of patient health management is extending beyond the traditional fee for service structure of care. Healthcare organizations implementing Ensure software can quickly optimize population healthcare and thrive from this novel trend of value-based care.